Unfinished to-do lists

I’m a natural list maker. I’ve been making lists for as long as I can remember. To-do lists. Pro/con lists. Lists of possible careers (which actually was so long {I have a lot of interests} that I started to make a list of careers I absolutely can’t do because that was easier). Bucket lists. Favorite quotes lists. Lists of hikes I want to do. Travel goals lists.  Lists on lists on lists on lists. The lists are endless.

pretending we are around a campfire

This year has taught me (well I think I started to learn this lesson my first year of teaching but it’s one of those lessons you gotta learn a few times before it really sinks in ) that sometimes, you don’t get to cross everything off your to-do and that’s ok. And sometimes you think you’ve finished something, crossed it off your list, only to realize the goal is not quite accomplished.

some sweet learners in our unorganized library

Things unfinished on my to-do list for Boetse:
-signs for the classroom
-office hours for grade 12 for college applications
-utilize the IPAD cart in classes
-Create whole-group dialogue in our large group English classes
-collaboration with a nonprofit group
-outside project that benefits the larger community
-lead development for teachers on reading intervention


This list is long. Longer than I like to admit. It’s hard for me to look back on all the things I set out to accomplish and realize that with only 5 weeks left at school, I’ve failed in many ways. Each of these things on this unfinished list had layers of obstacles I just couldn’t seem to overcome or didn’t prioritize enough time for  to overcome. I still think all of these ideas are worthwhile. I’m just learning to understand that my accomplishments this year are not lessened by the unaccomplished goals.

debate camp

So, in trying to focus on the good, these are the things I’ve accomplished (all with Lara’s partnership ofc, we are a dynamic team):
-yoga club
-girls group
-math and English remedial groups for grade 8 and 9
-reading tutoring
-debate! My greatest joy! Seniors made it to semifinals and juniors got position one at a district-wide competition
-built relationships with many learners and teachers
-English large groups for grade 10 and 11
-having the teachers over for a braii (BBQ)
-debate camp
-I know 90% of learners names in my small group classes

There is so much good Lara and I have been able to accomplish at Boetse. It hasn’t all be perfect. Our large English groups meet infrequently due to random days off school, yoga club’s attendance is inconsistent, and there are still some teachers who don’t understand what we do everyday.

sometimes our library is also food storage

But I know we have left a positive impact on these learners. And they have certainly left a large imprint on my heart. Here’s to focusing on that.

Lara teaching one of our remedial math groups

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