Holiday Vibes

Cape Town

Our June/July holiday was quite long…nearly a month! So after Mama Karen left to go back to the USA, I stayed in Cape Town to hang out with my #fulbrightbae, Alayna. We had both lived in CPT before, so we were able to visit some of our favorite spots, such as Table Mountain and Charly’s Bakery, but visit some new ones as well.

At Muizenberg, a mutual fave beach

My favorites of CPT from this round: 

  • Kaskazi Kayaks you can see some sea creatures on this kayak adventures! We didn’t, but it was still a blast! The swell/waves (our guide explained the difference but I have already forgotten it lol) that it was wild getting back in, the other pair of ladies in our tour capsized! Alayna and I felt like some baddies when we made it to shore without a scratch. IMG_1489
  • World of Birds!  So many kinds of birds and there is a monkey room where they let the monkeys sit on your head. Its weird but makes for a good pic.
  • Jason’s Bakery Cannot rave about this place enough! We went there twice and would have gone a 3rd time if they weren’t closed on Mondays (or at lease the Greenpoint location). They have special doughssants on Saturdays and the breakfast is amazing.
  • Table Bay, Blouberg.  Stunning view of the three mountains in CPT!! The beach is not touristy and quiet as well.
  • Wally’s Cave a little extra hike on Lion’s Head but the pics are so worth it!

    Alayna and I had blast and my affinity for CPT has only grown. It is truly a magical city that I hope everyone reading this can visit one day.

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I left Alayna in CPT (where her fambam was coming to meet her) to join Lara in sunny, warm Durban! The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there which was a nice relief after CPT was a bit rainy/cold. We were both EXHAUSTED after three weeks of travel, so we spent most of our time in Durban ordering UberEats in our Airbnb and lounging at various beaches. We did squeeze in a few hikes, ate some delicious curry at Malis and some interesting bunny chow at House of Curries (a sports bar that serves Indian food v v cool). If you’re ever in Durban, check out this list. Its where I got most of our ideas and it did not steer us wrong.

Highlights from our Durban adventure: 

  • Beaches, beaches, BEACHES! Umhlanga and Salt Rock were my favorite, but we also went to North Beach on the Golden Mile. Umhlanga was such a nice area, with cute restaurants and shops near the beach. It was busy with families, but there was still plenty of room to relax and enjoy. Salt Rock had a tidal pool with fish! It was so cool. You can also hike along the beach from Ballito to Salt Rock and see a few other beaches along the way.
  • Minitown I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! It is just a silly little attraction that is a recreation of lots of normal things you find in a SA town, but its tiny! You can pretend to be a giant! Lara and I took silly photos, I thought it was hysterical.
  • Whale Watching We went with Umhlanga Ocean Charter and saw a pod of whales. We were enjoying watching the whales so much we forgot to take pictures of them. It was a private tour which was pretty cool and different.
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium The stadium in Durban — you can ride to the top in a little sky car (or if you’re brave, on the weekends you can walk up it!). And you can bungee off the top into the center of the stadium if you are SUPER brave. We all know how I feel about bungee jumping (read: its terrifying and I’ll never do it again!) We took the sky car up and I’ll be honest even that was scary for me! The views of Durban from the top were worth the little bit of fear.

Kloof Nature Reserve Stunning!! You hike down and find your way to a waterfall! There are so many trails you could never get bored. We hiked for four hours and only scrapped through part of one trail! (Molweni trail)

We also got to catch up with some #fulbrightbaes who are lucky enough to live in Durban! Durban is definitely a cool city and I’m glad we got to spend the last part of our holiday in a chill, beach town.




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