Halfway there

Woah! Woah! Woah! I’m halfway through my Fulbright experience! Where in the world has the time gone??

Sometimes, after a really busy weekend, I think back on Lara and I’s first weekend in Polokwane. It was the beginning of February and we only knew one person in town, a fellow Fulbrighter and professor at the University of Limpopo. We had minimal furniture in our apartment and no idea of fun/cool/interesting places to go on the weekend. We spent those three days (did I mention we never have to work Fridays??? It is amazing) bored out of our minds. We were both so excited to return to work the following Monday and did not know how we would survive 9 months of boring, boring, boring weekends.

Fast forward 4.5 months and we haven’t had a boring weekend since that first one. Now, our weekends are filled with Saturday brunch with the Peace Corps crew, festivals, travelling, going out with our neighbors, and exploring the restaurants/activities in and around Polokwane. It has been such a wild ride. I feel so stinkin’ blessed to have this year in my favorite country, teaching some incredible kiddos, and making life-long friends.

So, to commemorate our halfway point I finally figured out how to take all the photos/videos off of my fo-pro (I just made that up but its an off-brand go-pro) and make a movie. Full disclosure, this video is one week late because it took me so long to figure out how to work iMovie and I’m having this bizarre problem with my Mac where it keeps telling me my start up disk is full, which made importing video clips extremely stressful and difficult (any Mac pros out there with advice on how to clear space on your start up disk???) Also, my fo-pro has incorrectly time-stamped every photo as 2017 and I have no idea how to change that. With that being said, please enjoy this probably-too-long-video of all the amazing travels/adventures we have gone on so far.

South Africa Part One

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